Birth Anniversary

December 24th,2007

83 Birth Anniversary of Legendary Singer Great Mohammed Rafi.

Mohammed Rafi is considered no less than a genius when it comes to varied styles of music. Born on December 24th, 1924, this great soul had the perfect blend of melody, emotions and energy, which reflected greatly in his songs.During his nearly five-decade-long career, he performed an estimated 26,000 songs and was heard in 76 films. Singing in all of India’s national languages, Rafi was effective whether he was performing ghazals, qawwalis, or bhajans. In 1965, Rafi received the prestigious Padma Sri award from the Indian government.

On July 31st, 1980, this great singer went back home early after recording and dies due to a massive heart attack. His funeral procession was one befitting a king. Mohammed Rafi was a legend of legends and shall remain so till eternity.

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