Khaliq Amrohi pens down Rafi’s life

Khaliq Amrohi has paid tribute to legendary Mohammad Rafi in his own unique way. Producer Nazim Rizvi and his Company Whispering Shadows and Entertainment, would be releasing the biography on the ‘melodious’ Rafi written by Amrohi. Amrohi, a great admirer of Rafi, took twenty years to finish the biography. Interestingly, the book is written in Urdu.

The book, which will also be released in English, talks about Rafi’s journey from cradle to grave. Another interesting fact revealed in the book is that Rafi could sing in 13 different languages.

Thakhliq Kaar Publications in Delhi will be releasing the biography which is expected to come out in market on Rafi’s birthday that is December 24.

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