Rafi and 31st July – Everyone still love and remember you Rafi Sahib

With yet another approaching 31st July this year 2007, we are seeing through the evergreen remembrances of the great legend Mohd. Rafi Sahib.

27 years have just passed by and we are still listening to his melodious voice and keep wondering about the magic this vocal chord has created across the globe! People say he is gifted but then besides being gifted, there seems to be a peaceful and humble look in his face. Somehow we feel like acknowledging and putting my head down whenever I see his face and he has always conveyed every charisma of GODLINESS in his music and singing. Never have we heard a song or a cassette or a CD or even at live programs that he has conveyed any casualty in his singing. Singing was a prayer to him to the Almighty and he was always focused with full efforts in every aspect of his singing, be it voice, modulation, range, expression, passion, pathos, fun, chirpy, holiness, drunkenness, romantic, modern or what have you! In as much as he was a great singer, he was a human being par excellence. He was noted for his humbleness, sympathetic attitude and being so loving.

Rafi Sahib – wherever you are… we will remember you and cherish your lively musical contributions that you have given us for us to live the balance of our years in this mother earth…Long live your songs and melody… Needless to say there you are second to none for a LIFETIME, including the music and the singers to take birth for generations to come.

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